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The Home of Anvl components in the UK


Green Hornet Distribution was set up in May 2014  to distribute Anvl Bicycle components to the UK.

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ANVL Components was born in the Pacific Northwest, home to some of the most challenging and inspiring mountain bike trails on the planet. The natural beauty of the mountains we live in, the artistic expression of the trail builders and the constant evolution of the modern mountain bike led us to create ANVL Components. Truly unique in every way where form and function unite to create bike components like no other. 

Every component has a unique evolution that we are proud to showcase by showing you the story of every product we make, from initial rough sketch to final product. Working like a skilled blacksmith our products are meticulously designed and hand crafted from years of experience riding and racing. Our tools are no longer the anvil, forge, and hammer, but state of the art manufacturing processes like 5 axis CNC machining, laser cutting, hydroforming, and 3D printing. The processes may have evolved, but we strive to maintain that old school tradition with the same amount of blood, sweat, and dedication to perfection.

If you would like to sell our product in your store please get in touch.

Green Hornet Distribution,  07974 975492


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